Anne is a Licensed Social Worker, holistic psychotherapist, and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. A lifelong interest in psychology, social support, movement, nutrition and prevention fuels her passion to help others take control of their mental and physical health and well-being.

Raised in a family that emphasized fad dieting restriction alternated with overindulging, Anne believes that no one should have a painful relationship with food - that food is both art and medicine, for pleasure and for healing through intuitive eating, as well as a powerful tool to combat chronic disease. 


Years spent struggling with systemic inflammation led Anne to change her habits of distance running and sprint triathloning. Exhausted and failed by conventional doctors, she explored and researched Functional Medicine in an effort to heal herself, studying to become a Functional Medicine health and wellness coach, while working to reverse autoimmune symptoms, heal digestive issues, balance hormones and uncovering heavy metal toxicity. Along the way she has embraced gentler exercise and mindfulness, while her healing journey continues.

Her experience as both a holistic professional and a Functional Medicine patient combine to form an empathic, supportive style of assisting clients. Anne uses an empowering integrative framework, focusing on Relationships, Movement, Sleep, Relaxation, Stress, & Nutrition to encourage clients to achieve optimal mental and physical health. Being in charge of our health is the vital journey to wellness.

Anne is a wife, mom to two artsy, theatrical teen daughters, one active, spirited young son, and one furry rescue lab mix. She lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her family.