My style of helping is to co-create balanced, realistic wellness goals in partnership with you. My approach empowers you to master skills, seamlessly add wellness behaviors to your busy life, achieve personal growth, and encourages self-efficacy - your belief that you can achieve the skills of well-rounded healthy living. I offer a safe space where you can bravely reach your optimal mental/physical/emotional health and full potential. As a clinical social worker, I help others recognize the thought-belief-mood connection and behavioral patterns that lead to psychological stress, anxiety, mood symptoms, and challenging interpersonal relationships. We can explore your experiences and gain a new perspective on your current emotional state with peace and well-being as a target. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach I've learned from world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine faculty and physicians. I am trained in Positive Psychology and Mind-Body medicine and I utilize both in my work.
In our rushed and high-tech society, I encourage mindfulness to replenish the stores of your life-force and vitality. I enjoy helping clients recognize what they need to be restful and rejuvenate their spirits. I will support you and your goals with compassion. I am interested in working with clients who are committed to real change through self-care, so if you are brimming with excuses or attached to a harmful lifestyle, then I'm not the helper for you.
Progressing in mental and physical health may require changes that may be a challenge initially.  To achieve optimal wellness it is up to you to take control and responsibility that you will be able to confidently sustain after we finish our work together. In working with me you will be supported toward long-lasting change. Please contact me for a 15 minute consultation to determine if we are a collaborative match for your transformational journey.